New mix tip video…

Music Producers spend many hours working on a track to make it sound as awesome as possible and then people listen to it through their phone or laptop speakers. Sigh. Where did the bass go?

This is a simple but effective method to help the bass to cut through on smaller speakers, but also to add some texture and width to the part.


Since late 2020, I’ve been working on the debut album by Alex Jemmet AKA Indigent Ghoul, producing songs one by one and starting from his own Ableton Live projects.

We’ve been exploring synths, drum programming, sound-design and atmospherics as well as capturing great vocal and instrumental performances in my studio.

With influences ranging from Ariel Pink to Radiohead to Lana Del Ray and some extremely infectious and inventive songs, it’s been a really fun journey so far (just finishing the sixth track) and I’ve learned tons along the way!

I’m so excited about how it sounds so far that I’ve spliced together some of my favourite pieces so you get a taste.

The process has involved a lot of manipulation of sounds, re-sampling, slicing, experimenting with effects and making the music sonically adventurous. I have also used session drummer Thom Mills, violinist Becka Wright and bassist Steven Oates to add additional human layers on top of the programmed, electronic elements.

Unreleased & atmospheric

7mins and six seconds of snippets from unreleased tracks produced, recorded and mixed by me.

Atmosphere is a big part of my productions and this selection of unreleased tracks showcases some of the textures, ethereal sounds, experimental synths, sampled sounds and effected drums that I’ve produced for some recent yet-to-be-released tracks.

Featuring CLOUDMiRROR & Anja, Tom The Pen, Atton Raon, John Seaton and Wounded Gods.