About (me me me)

I’ve always had a love and fascination for all kinds of music. I’m drawn most towards innovators and artists with a unique vision who succeed in creating and occupying their own musical landscape.

I’m drawn to the energy within music and am most interested in the roles that production, arrangement and instrumentation play in creating that energy. A song is one entity, a recording is another. This relationship is where the magic happens and where the vision of the artist is realised or in some cases, conceived.

I’m grateful that I first learnt to produce music in a limited & primitive way.

My own instinctive desire to create recordings led me to experimenting with a Tascam four-track cassette Portastudio when I was a teenager.

Using cheap keyboards, basic drum machines and guitar pedals – I’d get lost in creating and emulating my favourite music (or trying to). Then thing progressed to digital recording, sequencing and sampling etc – and these days I use Logic X, Ableton Live and lots of plugins – but I still have the Tascam and I still love experimenting!


As a versatile and self-taught guitarist I’ve played with many different bands since I was younger, including being recruited by singer-songwriters – requiring me to immerse myself in different musical worlds.

Get in touch to start working with me on your songs.

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