My Background

Music has been in my life for as long as I can remember.

I’ve always had a love and fascination for all kinds of music. I tend to be drawn towards innovators and artists with a unique vision and who succeed in creating and occupying their own musical landscape.

I’m drawn to the energy within music and am fascinated by the role that production, arrangement and instrumentation play in creating that energy, as well as realising an artist’s authentic sonic vision.

This fascination, and my own desire to create, meant I started experimenting with recording as a teenager. I tried to mimic the productions of my favourite albums using whatever equipment I could afford –  never getting close but experimenting and finding my own sound in the process.


I multi-tracked using two ghetto-blasters, took samples from old vinyl & the TV speaker, layering sounds onto my Tascam four-track with cheap keyboards, drum machines and guitar pedals. Then came the digital Korg D16 HD recorder and these days I use Logic X, Ableton Live and lots of fancy plugins – but I still have the four-track and I still love experimenting!

I’m also a guitarist who plays with various artists, requiring me to immerse myself in different sonic and musical worlds.


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