Why I get hired…

As a Music Producer, solo artists and songwriters hire me to achieve and often develop their musical vision. This can start from the song-writing process, right through to recording, production, arrangement, editing and mixing.

If you’re aiming to get the attention of new fans and the industry, then the Producer’s role is essential to create impactful recordings that ‘right’ for your unique vision.

Sharing your music in its best form is the starting point for feeling proud and confident in your career going forward.

A lot of my clients are singer-songwriters who don’t want the pressure or high costs associated with big studios where the clock is ticking & the Engineer is there just to do their job, not to get involved with the music.

As well as creating the best environment for the artist, a Producer offers fresh ears, musicality and objectivity to help make choices and get tracks finished.

Whether you have a recording on your phone, a GarageBand project or a full band recording, I can develop that into a finished track to share online or to send to gig bookers. 

A Producer doesn’t need to be a musician but it really helps. In my case, I’m a musician with 25+ years experience across a huge range of styles. Like the artists I work with, music is my obsession. I spend a lot of time at gigs, clubs and in record shops so I’m constantly exposing my ears to the characteristics, aesthetics and performance style of a huge range of genres.

So, I can play the instruments, program the beats & synths, record your vocals and do the mixing! 

Find out more about on my Mixing / Music Production page and of course, contact me if you feel I could help.

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