The Process

I structure the process around you and your music and do my best to make sure you get where you want to be, on time and on budget.

The recording, production and mixing process is bespoke for each artist, but will include the following:

Pre-production to establish all the needs of the project and create a plan & proposal

Feedback and guidance on all aspects of the music & performance

– Providing a relaxed, focused and creative studio atmosphere

– I’m a trusted guide who’s role is to get the best out of you and your songs and offer an alternative perspective to inspire and motivate you.

– The price for your project will include unlimited ‘reasonable’ amends. New musical ideas and changes from the original brief may require a ‘top-up’ which we will be fully discussed.

You’re hiring my brain and my taste, not just my musical and technical skills.

I’m also happy to be involved in only part of the process. You may only need help with mixing, or some additional production. Perhaps you need help shaping your sound, finessing your demos and some clearer focus & momentum for your release.

I have a small studio where things are focused and relaxed. I’ve got the quality equipment you’d expect, lots of fun toys and access to lots more if you need (but it’s not about the gear).

I mix ‘in the box’ on a MacBook Pro, so I’m nimble and mobile as well as having low over-heads.

If you want to know about about the various roles a Producer typically has, then this excellent article is well worth a read.

Creating on your own is HARD! I know it.

Producing a song is like building a house and then decorating it (and your EP is the village?). Everyone has a different house (and in this analogy, they design their own) and they decorate it how they like. Some people love doing D.I.Y. and spend years making their house exactly how they want it (often taking years and making many mistakes). Others hire an interior designer and pay professionals to carry out the work. Well, I’m like the architect who you go to with your sketch, the builder who makes the structure and the interior designer who makes it look exactly how you want.

A focused and relaxed environment to create