The Process

The process will be made to fit the needs of the project but if I’m recording, producing and mixing your songs, this is what it might encompass:


Establishing the needs and goals of the project and creating a plan & proposal for how to make it happen. I love reference tracks too!

Studio time

I aim to create a relaxed, focused and creative atmosphere where you feel comfortable to try things out and have fun – no pressure here (unless you want it).


Capturing the best performance and creating the music & sounds with all the fun things of the studio. Feedback & guidance included as standard.


I’ll do the majority of this on my own. Obsessing over how I can make it better! Then you’ll get tell me you love it / request changes.

Team work

I’m there to get the best out of you and your songs, offer an alternative perspective when needed and to push you to be the best. I care as much about your song as you do!

If you only need me for part of the process like mixing, then that’s fine. I don’t offer mastering for music that I produced & mixed – you need fresh perspective for a good master.

I have a [small] studio with the quality equipment you’d expect and lots of fun toys. I know how to use most of them and you can bring your own too.

I mix ‘in the box’ on a MacBook Pro, so I’m nimble and mobile as well as having low over-heads. Easy to make changes too!

If you want to know about about the various roles a Producer typically has, then this excellent article is well worth a read.