The Process

If you’re wondering what the process is, it will depend on what kind of record we’re making.

However, it typically includes:

– Pre-production. Establishing all the needs of the project and creating a plan & proposal

– Feedback and guidance on all aspects of the music & performance

– Production, recording and mixing of the music based on the agreed plan

– Providing a relaxed, focused and creative studio atmosphere

– I am your trusted guide who’s role is to get the best out of you and your songs and offer an alternative perspective to inspire and motivate you

– I will include ‘reasonable’ revisions.

And if you only need me for part of the process, that’s fine.

I have a small studio with the quality equipment you’d expect and lots of fun toys (but it’s not about the gear).

I mix ‘in the box’ on a MacBook Pro, so I’m nimble and mobile as well as having low over-heads.

If you want to know about about the various roles a Producer typically has, then this excellent article is well worth a read.