Production, Recording & Mixing

You’re hiring my brain and my taste, not just my gear and technical skills

Here are some of the things you get when you hire me as your Producer…

  • Feedback and guidance on your song-writing, arrangement and performance
  • I’m focused on your goals and your creative vision
  • A comfortable, relaxed, focused and creative studio atmosphere
  • A mentor. A trusted guide to help you to produce your best and get where you want to be
  • A unique perspective to inspire and motivate you to explore

This excellent article goes into more detail about the different types of Producer & their backgrounds.

Am I any good? Here’s some of my work….

A focused and relaxed environment in which to create

Most artists record with me in my small studio where things are focused and relaxed. I’ve got the quality equipment you’d expect as well as access to much more if the need arises (but it’s not about the gear).

I mix ‘in the box’ which is perfect for bands and solo artists who want to work flexibly and not break the bank.

Prices vary based on the complexity of the music and how in depth you want me to go. A ‘functional’ mix which is mostly balancing existing sounds is a quicker than a more creative mix process where effects, editing, layering and sound design are involved. I can do both.

For a quote, please send me a demo via email and we can discuss your requirements. I can work with most budgets , so don’t be shy.

Get in touch for some feedback and ideas about your recordings via my FREE SONG EVALUATION.