John Seaton

Production, instrumentation, recording & mixing.

In his current Spotify bio, Brighton-based singer-songwriter and musician John Seaton describes his music as ‘Thinky Pop’ – and I think that pretty much sums it up. John needed a creative partner and a Producer with whom he clicked. After our first pint when we met to talk about music, we knew the music would be great.

The Ghost

The first of five tracks I worked on. John had an acoustic demo of the song and I built it into the epic, groove-based anthem that it clearly was.

The Beach

This summery beaut of a song came out in the middle of summer (albeit during lockdown), which makes sense when you hear the vibe. I took inspiration from the nostalgia of 90s RnB and Pop, juxtaposing atmospherics and an lo-fi groove with the two infectious hooks for the verse and chorus. It got picked up by a Spotify playlist and is approaching 30k streams.

No Trouble

The Beach (Campfire Version) featuring Cate Ferris

John is a budding videographer who made videos for three of the songs we did… including an acoustic version of The Beach featuring Cate Ferris. I set-up this collaboration and Cate and John both recorded their own parts before I glued it all together.

Heavy Metal

Also a remix / re-work of The Ghost with Gimson rapping on the verses…

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