Free Song Evaluation

Find the right Producer for your music

I believe more artists should and could be working with a Music Producer to get their best ideas released, but to take that step you must be sure that you’ve found the right person for the job.

It’s about their taste and ability to identify and relate to your vision for the music. A bad Music Producer doesn’t listen to you and makes the track sound how they want it to sound, so if their taste is bad, you won’t like the results.

My Song Evaluation Service gives you the chance to get some of my help and suggested ideas before you decide to work with me – No obligation.

A BIG part of my role is being a second pair of ears and to provide clarity, focus, feedback and invaluable criticism so that the music will get where it needs to be (and on budget).

If you have a song idea that you aren’t sure how to develop (I’m sure you have plenty!) or a recording that you’re not happy with, you can send it to me for a free evaluation.


Include some information about your musical vision, favourite artists and musical goals. I will provide feedback on what I like, what I think could improve and how I might approach developing the song and the mix to get it where you want it to be.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Music producer Brighton audience at a gig